November 7, 2014

Truth 4 Youth Editorial Team

Alex from Target














A girl took a photo of an employee from Target named Alex who she thought was good looking and uploaded it to Instagram. She hashtagged ‘hot guy’ and it has since gone viral. Alex recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Apple CEO Tim Cook comes out of the closet










Tim Cook has come out as being gay and has been met with a high amount of support from the community, all except for Russia who have taken a stand against homosexuals and have dismantled a statue of Steve Jobs as an act of rebellion.

Drunk Girls of Melbourne Cup










Whats that you said? Australian girls downing one too many champagnes on Melbourne Cup? Shocker. The hashtag #drunkgirlsofmelbournecup as well as the newly prevalent Facebook page revealing the oh-so-terrible antics of female cup goers has gone viral this week following the cup day shenanigans. Full frontals of inebriated girls sprawled across lawns, sporting crooked feathered hats and white wines in hand are now the trendy bits and pieces this week. Never mind the increase in domestic violence or the alcohol fuelled violence between prissy private school boys in Ralph Lauren, if they haven’t got tits or six inch heels why would you care? Screw them ladies, chuck your ugg boots on and hang a goon sack off the clothesline next year, cup day belongs to everyone.

Left PM’s memorial proves dirty lefties are left








What’s more offensive, speaking about a man’s faults when the body’s still warm, or small crowd booing sitting PM? You don’t even need to take the time to ask Australia’s media-rent-a-bores (aka yo’ fave $2000 an article commentators), who’ve been screaming the mourners at Gough’s memorial booing Tone Abbott prove the immaturity of The Left. Meanwhile, Oscar winning Actor Cate Blanchett gave a killer speech praising Gough’s healthcare, education and gender reforms leading to some pretty awks cuts to said PM and went viral online, and Elder Noel Pearson gave one of the best speeches in Australian history thanking Gough. As you were.

Edelsten proposal












Geoffery Edelsten has stolen the spotlight off the Melbourne Cup with his awkward and cringe-worthy proposal to Gabi Grecko. Edelsten’s silent proposal to Grecko left everyone confused as Grecko had to prompt Edelsten to propose properly by saying “You have to ask me”. Even after Edelston proposed with a huge ring Grecko seemed less than impressed with her new fiance’s proposal.

– The Truth 4 Youth team

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