November 7, 2012

Peta Petidis

Throughout life our bodies go through drastic changes: we grow boobs and hair, our hormones race with endorphins and we even reach a stage where crying is the answer to everything (well, at least girls do). But how do we classify all these adjustments throughout our hormonal and diverse bodies within a single life cycle? We age.

Age to some is seen as a revelation, like a form of a utopian lifestyle full of thriving experiences. It is the difference between you and those above or below you in status; it is the coming of something raw and untouched.

The many concerts, social events and conversations I have missed out on due to my age influenced me to write this article and show it to all you anticipating youths.

Do you ever remember asking your parents inquisitive questions — which you couldn’t wait to understand — only to be disappointed with the response, “You’re too young sweetie, maybe when you’re older?” This is age anticipation at its finest.

Therefore, to many of us age in our individual spheres enables us to see life as those one or several years before us have. In reality we strive for overall understanding and belonging amongst others and as humans we want to experience the peaks of life which those older than us have previously ventured through.

This may include the spectacular “big person” feeling of turning 13, the wondrous acceptance of nearing adulthood when 18 and 21, or even the ever growing wisdom of being at the age of 60.

But is age really what defines us from one another and our year levels? Is there that one numeral which we are all proud to agree on that overpowers all others with its excellence, which is what I like to call “the age? Or are we all experiencing life with high expectations?

Age anticipation starts when you are in the presence of a confident and endearing individual or group of elders, when even one year makes a significant difference between you and …them. Their life intrigues you and you find yourself doubting whatever level of mortality you have reached in the present. News flash, those people feel the exact same way towards those above them! The reality of this normality is that we all experience age anticipation, however; no two people are the same. You may even have low expectations as you near an age, much like 18-year-old Liam.

“While I was waiting to turn 18, I wasn’t lingering out for it like most others,” he said. The bittersweet age of 18 is often highly anticipated, but for Liam it was just another year.

“I didn’t expect a lot, I expected it to be relatively, the same. I soon found out that I was wrong. After turning 18 I realised I had more freedom. I could walk into pubs and order a drink without a problem. I found that being 18 felt nice, as most of my friends weren’t so it was always amusing being able to tease them about it. Being 18 is completely different to what I thought it would be like, I knew there would be more I could do with it, but I didn’t think that I would enjoy it as much as I have.

The year you decide to break apart from the world and make a run at several of life’s charms — such as partying, living a life independently, getting a job or leaving high school  —  is most likely different to that of a work colleague or even a person of which you spend most of your time with. The importance of this article is to understand that all lives and individuals run the course of their time on Earth in a dissimilar way.

Whether it be the parties, girls, boys, thrills of driving, highs and lows of your first drink or all of the above, we must realise that although life is short, there is a large time frame to prepare yourself for these experiences and more. As you take part in your own adventure of viability, accept that you will reach your life peak one day and by the time yours comes; some of your seniors would have lost theirs.

So as a matter of fact, “the age,” of which we strive to grasp on to is that of our own, because we are capable of many different things in one year and in another we will succeed in a number of new achievements, but for now please remember that age is just a number.


Peta Petidis

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    OH My Peta what an inspiring piece of work. Well done!!!!!


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