December 1, 2012

Peta Petidis

Released: September 3rd, 2012

Producer: Jacknife Lee

Label: Kitsune

The much adored geeky elation of Irish trio, Two Door Cinema Club, returns with Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird and Sam Halliday all on board with their awaited second album, “Beacon”, following their debut album of 2010, Tourist History.

After the praise and accomplishment in the past two years, a bar had been set to obtain a catchy adolescent and peculiar combination for their follow up. “Beacon” does not disappoint with its 80’s disco vibe and progression in captivating bass and guitar work mainly structured within the first two tracks ‘Next Year’ and ‘Someday’. Lead singer, Alex Trimble, adopts his shy-guy persona tentatively with a certain stretch for confidence left approaching the horizon, however remains pure and distinctive above the blissful melodies of the album.

Whilst hiding from reality with an ever growing thirst for enlightenment and sense of companionship on the road and in reality, Alex, Kevin and Sam breathe through the lyrics, we only know/what we see ’cause we’re always fast asleep/is it so hard not to believe/that we’ll never know, within track, ‘Sleep Alone.’

In ‘Settle,’ Trimble describes the undergoing struggles life on the road depicts for the boys, ‘Cause I can see/I can see/all the things arresting me/But I control/I control. This bounce of reflection for the band highlights their growing maturity and progression in the music industry it also enfolds the soft cry for stability they yearn for after months of constant touring.

With their powerful and explosive lyrical raptures and utterly addictive chorus lines that will live within your skull for the next week, “Beacon” takes us through a journey of heartfelt attempts and energetic accomplishments. Both riveting and angelic, the album is a reflection of an effervescent haze of a goal which can be glimpsed in the distance; it is inspired by the idea of being “stranded at sea, and aiming for this distant point, this beacon”, says bassist Kevin.

A genuine beauty nonetheless, “Beacon” will inspire many and initiate non-stop hipster foot tapping throughout its rein of the coming year. Until their next album you can catch the indie-pop/rock trio on their Falls Festvial Sideshow Tour with special guests, ‘The Vaccines’ and ‘The Jungle Giants’ in Melbourne this December.

Peta Petidis

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