January 1, 2016

Eloise Derrett

hqdefault 2Everyone get ready- the next instalment in the Nowhere Boys saga is coming and it’s coming soon. Guess what else? This next chapter is going to lead into series 3 of the show. Unlike any other series of the show before, this next installment is coming in the form of a movie. Nowhere Boys: The Book Of Shadows is coming early 2016 and movie locations have now been released.

Filming for the movie finished a couple of months ago in Montmorency, Greensborough High School- the Banyule area, and I was given the opportunity to go down and visit the set and observe. While I was down there, I got to have a quick chat with Darci McDonald, who portrays the sarcastic, sometimes goth, Ellen.

As we know, Nowhere Boys generally filmed and presented in a series format but this is completely different this time around. “When we shoot the TV series, we have three months and with the movie we had three and a half weeks,” McDonald says. “(Shooting the movie has) been good, we’ve had more time to work on character and to work on scenes, whereas with the TV show, we’ve kind of got to get it done quite fast.”

Darci’s character Ellen, as watchers of the show know, is Felix’s best friend and fellow goth. However, in the second season, we see a literal different side of her. Going between universes, we have goth Ellen and girly Ellen. “She likes to be different,” Darci says. “From season 1 to this film she’s definitely grown a lot… in the start of season 1 she was more dependent on Felix and when Felix left, she had nothing.”


Nowhere Boys has been nominated for numerous awards and has won many of them. The reviews for the show are positive and point out that not only youth find this show addicting- it’s for everyone. Nowhere Boys is one of the shows out there that the whole family can watch together, even though it was intended for a teen audience. “There’s only ever young kids shows and adult shows and there’s no in between, and this (Nowhere Boys) kind of breaks the boundaries but it’s also a show that families can watch.” Darci says. “I get a lot of comments from parents that they actually enjoy watching with their kids and it beats watching the Wiggles, or Playschool.”

Nowhere Boys is made by many people in the heart of the Australian film industry and honestly, we don’t get enough Australian TV. Nowhere Boys captures the lives of all these teens growing up, finding their powers and finding themselves. “They’re going through all the same things that teenagers do go through in life, even though it’s in a weirder way with all the magic and powers.”

Nowhere Boys: The Book Of Shadows is being released in selected cinemas on the 1st of January and will be on ABC3 shortly after.

– Eloise Derrett

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