September 12, 2013

Peta Petidis

Tis the season. The season of shoe ordering, accessory matching, transportation hiring, date choosing, make- up and hair appointing, and of course the crème de la crème of all that is important, dress purchasing!

To which season do I refer, you ask? Why, it is the season of school formals. These aren’t just your ordinary socials, these are events of careful planning, assessing and chivalrous organising. Formals are much-anticipated by young boys and girls since beginning their high-school years. They are the all-important evenings of teenhood transforming us into stunning and fashionable socialites.

Formals are often associated with events such as weddings. Reception halls hire out to business conferences, cocktail party functions, weddings… and school formals. Limousines advertise for personal transportation to bachelor parties, hen’s nights, weddings… and school formals. And of course dresses are labelled with “wedding and formal wear”. Society does not lie when it partners with such serious and spectacular events.

For some the school formal may seem an excuse to dress up and eat, much like a wedding, however this is certainly not the case for young women.

Little do you know the stressful antics of teenage girls, and on the odd occasion even boys, when it comes to formal preparation. The ideal image for the night is changed constantly. “What if I gain weight?” “No, I don’t like black anymore.” “My shoes are ugly!” “He dumped me, I will forever be alone, everything is ruined.” And, not to mention the competition: “I heard she’s wearing pink – what is she trying to do? She knows that I’m wearing pink!”

Besides being a guest – set to run around for months trying to find the perfect evening gown – there are those who must check every detail of preparation to make the formal memorable. Of course, I’m talking about the girl-dominating members of the formal committee. These girls are not to be meddled with; they could easily be transformed into Formalzillas.

It is quite a normal occurrence for one to be said monster. Let’s think about it for a moment; several teenage girls all taking part in formulating the event of the year that will cater for more than 200 people.

From experience, being on the formal committee will enrage you. There will come a time when the entire group is pitted against one another and it will feel as though nothing is being done in preparation for the formal itself.

So take caution this season, for you could well have a Formalzilla living in your home, or at least, a member of the formal committee. If this is the case, I advise you to comfort her, treasure her, keep reminding her of her fascinating intellect and beauty, but most importantly I suggest you give her a loan.

–   Peta Petidis

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