February 17, 2014

Liana Gangi

When it comes to reading the paper, I won’t deny the gossip section is my guilty pleasure. Because of this, I have become quite unwillingly knowledgeable about the Kardashian family, in particular of Kim. But don’t mistake me as a brainless, adoring fan of the Kardashian clan. To be honest, I can’t stand the woman and her underhanded rise to fame. If girls are looking for a positive role model, Kim should be the last option, like the awkward Dairy Milk chocolate left in the Favourites box. However, like any female in the media, Kim has become a role model for girls of today. In wake of this somewhat tragic idea, I have decided there is a side of Kim that is deeper than the colour of her hair. For although she has a higher wage than us mere mortals (unless you also earn $5.5 million a year), posed nude for Playboy and has her name (or body) googled around 9 million times per month, Kim’s life has involved more dramas than the current twerking trend. Despite this, she always manages to bounce back, with as much sass as ever. So although she doesn’t exactly take the crown for Role Model of the Year, here are some surprisingly helpful lessons we can learn from Kimmy k…

A family who style together stay together

Sure, it can be infuriating that not a day goes past without a mention of at least one Kardashian. Even family dog Rocky has graced magazine covers. Despite the fact that Kim seems to have around 178345.899 fame seeking siblings, it can be noted that these magazine articles rarely feature the girls fighting. In fact, together Kim and her sisters have built an empire of fashion ranges, jewellery designs and perfume, uniting their household names to draw in millions of whipped fans worldwide. Sound like the girls are cashing in on their household name? Absolutely. But hey, it’s working and the family are reaping the benefits. The sisters are also completely supportive of each other (except, you know, when Kloe totally steals Kim’s Louboutin heels – not cool) with youngsters Kylie and Kendall counting on their older siblings to help them through their new found fame. Whether it is a boyfriend scandal or sex tape, the Kardashian girls have got each other’s backs covered. So next time you are about to hurl a line of obscenities at your sister because she forgot to return your jeans, be thankful of the female sibling you were given – if you get along well enough, you guys might be able to start a reality TV show too.

Keep Calm and Kim On

Saying that Kim Kardashian’s life is calm is almost equivalent to stating that chocolate doesn’t help you feel better, aka a complete lie. Whether it was that 72 day marriage or the controversy over photoshopping her curves, Kim has had her fair share of let-me-dig-a-hole-and-bury-myself-deep moments. Despite this, the woman has never got herself down, appearing publicly almost instantly, with a new pair of shoes and her head held high, not afraid to defend her actions or decisions. It is this ability to carry herself in a situation and ignore the nasty words of those around her that women can learn from. So next time you stumble into a slightly cringe worthy sitch, keep calm and carry yourself strong like Kim (note: a hair blow wave and large pair of glasses may also be advantageous)

Avoid Sex Tape Scandals At All Costs

Self explanatory, really.

“If I like a food, I’ll eat it, even if I know it’s not good for me”

Every woman knows about the constant battle of the body faced today. It can sometimes seem as though we are slammed with equal amounts of positive feel good campaigns and distorted ideas of what it means to be perfect. Basically a whole lot of confusion for the female mind, eh? Although Kim hasn’t shied from a diet or two, she has constantly been proud of her curves and never once complained about the booty she’s been given. She advocates loving the skin you’re in, whether it is a size 0 or 22, and knows it’s all about the attitude you have, saying “Being confident and owning your body is sexy”. Despite coming from an elusive world of riches, Kim has a surprisingly refreshing attitude that girls can admire.

So yes, Kim might be the jack-of-all-trades millionaire who the tabloids (and sometimes, me) love to hate. At times, she can appear far too often in the gossip tabloids for anyone’s liking. There are moments such as her 72 day marriage, when Kim can seem worlds away, like a completely unreadable, curvaceous caricature that only cares about baby North West (still not sure if serious). But after some deep reflection, I can see that through her mistakes, daft comments and upmarket way of living, Kim is, in her own way, teaching more than just diet tips and fashion advice, instead life lessons that are so damn useful.

– Liana Gangi

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