May 3, 2013

Peta Petidis

An astonishingly rare perfect Melbourne day, of Saturday the 6th of April, represented itself as the day of debuts. Not only did we promote our first ever published issue of Truth4Youth, but Jets Studios introduced a new FReeZA group to the music world. The new young force of today’s way to vibe, go by Studio F and  they kicked off to a fantastic start by running the much anticipated and enjoyed youth festival, Splashdown, at Greensborough’s WaterMarc.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept of a FReeZA group, please allow me to better acquaint you. Members of such groups are formed especially for the purpose of innovating youths from the ages of 15-25 with music, style and amusement! Young- ins similar to the very age group they cater for are involved in constructing and developing festival like music and cultural events which take place in safe, fully supervised, drug, alcohol and smoke-free venues locally and across the whole of Victoria for entertainment hungry adolescents.

Now that your minds have grown with the fulfilling information gathered from my previous paragraph I would like to thrust you into the concept of Jets Studios’ creation, this being the ultimate and shiny new, Banyule FReeZA group, Studio F! With a range of diverse, enlightening and music loving members who share similar interests amid Studio F, the group combined their forces to reach the achievement which Splashdown delivered. Members not unlike 15 year old Adrie, were ecstatic with their first official festival and tells us why she was enticed to join Studio F. “I am really interested in event management in the music industry as a career and when my friend told me about Banyule’s new FReeZA Team, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to get involved while gaining more experience and knowledge in event management.” she said.

Adrie also tells us more about Studio F’s range of style, “Our events contain local bands with a variety of different genres such as hard core and indie, and we also involve local DJs.”

With a foot tapping array of talented tunage pumping from the Jets Studios’ Battle of the Band stage to the popular Truth4Youth photo booth, Studio F were able to produce a phenomenally successful first event which catered to every minorities needs. Free food, free entertainment, free photos, free art and physical activities free FREE FREEE!! Doesn’t that just scream appeal to teens?!

The day was a hit and as their debut event set off with a spring, the members are buzzing with the thrill of setting up more events to come in the following months, one being the glorified annual FReeZA event Youthfest, in November.

Studio F is truly an honourable cluster of youths who have paved the way for us to enjoy such a diverse and epically favoured fanfare of music and cultural festivities, but what have they earned in the process? Adrie complies, “I have loved the experience so far and helping run our first event, Splashdown! There’s also the bonus of creating friendships with people in the team and the musicians that we associate with.”

The new stars of our local music stream are here to spoil us with their free and vibrant events for good, all we must do is enjoy the products of their efforts and lovingly bask in the tunefully driven spheres they set up around us with smiles of gratitude and joy.

Thank you and welcome Studio F.

– Peta Petidis

Photos by Liza Mills

Studio F want to know what type of event you want them to run. Go vote in the poll on their Facebook page. Like them to find out about upcoming gigs. More Splashdown pics by Liza Mills can be found on the Banyule Youth Services Facebook page.

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