June 30, 2016

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The Truth of Islam

junge Musliminnen im Herbst

There are about 1.6 billion people in the world that identify as Muslim. With such a large population, how is it possible that public perception of the religion and their followers is still so negative?  I am a young Muslim women, and I feel as though I am not accepted in Australian society because of my religion.

I can’t go to a shopping centre without receiving a filthy look. Why? Because I’ve been stereotyped based on my religion. Do I deserve to be labelled as a terrorist, or someone affiliated with ISIS or Al-Qaeda, simply because someone who follows the same religion as me might be? Why are we being blamed for the inhumane attacks by these heartless monsters? Because Donald Trump said so? Or because you’re afraid of finding out the truth? You’re blaming the wrong people.

islam woman read a book

Islam has many morals and values taught to us by our god, Allah. The ‘Quran’ (Koran) is our guide in life, it has information about how we understand the world and how we pray, and all of the basic principles of the religion. The thing I love about Islam is getting together with everyone at the mosque to pray. I pray five times a day to reconnect with Allah. I ask him for forgiveness, advice, and anything else I might need. I love finding somewhere private to pray, it doesn’t matter where I go because Allah is everywhere. I love feeling the warmth and happiness on ‘Eid (Muslim Christmas) morning and the free food at the mosque for the poor, and shelter for the homeless when they have no where else to go at night. I love that everything Allah has forbid is about preventing myself from ruining my life. Alcohol is something Allah forbids because of the way it affects your body and kills brain cells.

My name is Fartun, I am 15-years-old and sick of the way I’m treated in society. It’s 2016, yet no matter how hard I try, my religion has not been accepted in society. If you believe in change, equality and justice, stand up for the truth about Islam. I can’t wait for the day that all Muslims can go out and feel confident in saying that “I’m Muslim and my religion is Islam”.

-Fartun Mikaelson

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