November 26, 2015

Eloise Derrett

When I got home from school, I took a quick peek at my social media to see what I may have missed and was immediately greeted by the ugly trend “#OHNOBRIANA”.

This trend refers to a One Direction drama from a few months ago – remember when the word on the street was that Louis was having a baby with a 23 year old called Briana? It goes back that far. This girl has been “identified” in a leaked sex tape that had surfaced within the past 24 or so hours. Reactions from the 1D fandom have been generally negative, with many of the fans vilifying and slut-shaming the girl. Exactly what we need- more hate on the Internet.

What I find the most confronting is that this poor girl was being attacked by thousands of girls online when it hasn’t been confirmed where the footage is from or if she had given permission for it to be released. There isn’t even proof or confirmation that the girl in the video is Briana.

Even if it is her, this is intimate, private stuff and we should be supportive, rather than tear her down from behind the safety of our computer screens. Releasing footage like this is revenge porn – something we should stand against, and not one woman who may or may not feature in the film.

Along with the sex tape, the “Directioners” claim to have proof that her child is not Louis’. What proof? If anyone wants proof, it’s Louis and Briana’s job, not the fans – even then, they do not have to share the results with the world. Just because someone may be a fan of the music, it doesn’t mean that they are entitled to know each and every part of a celebrity’s personal life.


The mentality of these super-fans is that if they buy the album, the perfume, all of the products, they believe they are entitled to the celebrity. After their contributions, they believe that they are allowed to make choices for the celebrity. They are so financially and emotionally invested that this becomes normal.

Sadly, events like this are not exclusive to the One Direction fanbase. These “fandoms” are generally made up of teen girls who obsess so much over their favourite bands or actors that they will distort facts and vilify anyone who they feel threatens their “ownership” of the celebrity.

I am not trying to bash fandom’s – I am a part of many and actively follow their news online. While I know not all fans behave this way, there’s a sizable bunch ruining it for everyone.

These fandom’s can be so zealous in their obsession that their interest will generate awareness for the artist but also turn people off the artist. Why become part of a fandom when you see them harass and abuse people over the internet? These fans will issue death-threats to girls like Briana. Death threats…and then they continue on with their day as if nothing happened. How can this be considered normal?

As this turn of events continues for Briana (and people like her), I hope that people begin to realise the bigger issues. This girl has essentially had her life ruined- constantly criticised and scorned in the eye of the public, her credibility gone through the flurry of a concerted social media campaign…by fans who don’t even have proof she was in a dubious video. Hopefully with all the negativity on the internet, people will begin to realize that condemning and vilifying these girls is not the way to go and that we should all let our favourite stars have their own personal life and make their own choices.

– Eloise Derrett

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