November 7, 2013

Joely Mitchell

The new ABC3 program, Nowhere Boys, is premiering tonight and it’s quite close to home for us Banyule residents. The show has been filmed on Were Street in Montmorency, the Greensborough Skate Park, Montmorency Primary School and Greensborough Secondary College. So if you recognise any local landmarks, you’re not going crazy.

There’s the sporty one, the popular one, the geeky one and the not-so-popular one. Four completely different boys, forced to become friends. Sound familiar? Probably because the ‘unlikely friends’ storyline has been seen many times before. But there’s a quality about the new ABC3 program, Nowhere Boys, which makes it quite unique.

From the first scene, it’s obvious that the show intends to be action packed. The four boys are being chased in a forest by a giant tornado and just as the boys find shelter, it flashes back to ’24 hours earlier’. At this time, the boys are consumed in their own individual problems, contrasting to the issue they will inevitably face together soon.

As they get to school, it’s evident that there’s conflict between some of the four boys as they exchange not-so-friendly nicknames like “airhead”, “brainy dude” and “freak”. So when they are forced to be in a group together at the orienteering excursion, none of them are pleased.

During the orienteering exercise, Jake (Matthew Testro), Felix (Dougie Baldwin), Andy (Joel Lok) and Sam (Rahart Sadiqzai) eventually realise that they’re lost and are forced to sleep through the night in treacherous conditions. When they awake, the familiar tornado returns to our screens. Finally working together to escape, they are lucky enough to find a campsite and are greeted by a man who offers to help them get home.

When they return to civilisation and each go their separate ways, they are disappointed that they’re not receiving the heroic return reaction from their family, friends and town like they expected. They soon discover that something strange is occurring, not only are their family and friends deeming the boys unrecognisable, but their families are leading completely different lives.

Reunited on local, Montmorency streets, the boys realise that they have a problem on their hands. “Do our disappearances and reappearances seem like a non event?”, Sam asks. Confused and scared, the boys not only need to find answers, but a place to sleep and food to eat.

Having spent a day on set, it’s obvious that the show has been a blast to film by all involved. The four main actors said that before they started filming, they didn’t know each other, but now they’re all great friends. With a couple of small acting roles on their resumés, this is the first major gig for each of the boys.

Additional to the television series, there’s an interactive game called ‘Nowhere Boys: The 5th Boy’ which offers fans a unique experience to be a part of the show. Available to play on the ABC3 website from November 7, the game gets players to take on the role as the fifth boy who is lost in a strange world like the other four boys.

The 13-episode series starts this Thursday, the 7th of November on ABC3.

– Joely Mitchell


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3 Responses to “OUR PICK – NOWHERE BOYS”

  1. Georgia Says:

    I love love love love love love Nowhere Boys so much all I am asking for is for you to make an series
    Please I will do anything please I will be so happy if you do.P.S I love Felix.
    Love from Georgia


  2. Ellie Says:

    I love the nowhere boys so much it would be so amazing to control earth and water! please make the new series more action packed.
    my favourite nowhere boy is Jake Riles!!
    lots of love from Ellie


  3. Felicity Says:



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