July 8, 2014

Amy Steele

Who doesn’t like a fun night out? I sure do! But how can we make sure that we all get home safely? Follow these easy tips and you’re sure to have a night that will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Before you go out

Plan the night. Get your friends together (or group chat on Facebook) and organise how you are getting to your destination and how you will get home.

If you are taking a taxi home look up taxi fare calculators so that you know how much you need (and bring a little extra).

Always make sure your phone is fully charged before you go out.

Always make sure you have money on your Myki.

Agree that no one will go home alone. Stay in a group for as long as possible or all plan to spend the night at one person’s  home.

While you are out

Always stay together in a group.

Know your limits with alcohol! You don’t want to be the one hunched over the toilet bowl when everyone else is having a good time.

Remember: what goes on the internet stays on the internet. Avoid people taking videos and pictures of you drinking – future employers will check your profiles and these “harmless” images/videos could be the reason for you missing out on a career opportunity.

Always hold onto your drink and never accept a drink from a stranger.

If you notice someone who is suffering from alcohol poisoning or drink spiking call triple zero.


On your way home

If  you are walking home, stay on well-lit streets and never listen to iPods/music –  you may not hear people coming up behind you.

If you take a bag make sure it is as small as possible and only take essential items such as your phone, money and ID. The closer your bag is to your body the less likely someone is to pick pocket or steal it. Bags that zip up are harder to steal from!

If you see someone who seems a bit dodgy, pretend to be talking on your phone.  You’re less likely to be attacked if they think you could easily alert someone should you find yourself in a bad situation.

If someone does get too close to you or tries to attack you, always target their most sensitive areas (face, throat, groin) and scream as loudly as you can. This will attract attention and most likely cause your attacker to flee.

Helpful apps

There really is an app for everything. Here are two that will help keep you safe while having a good night.

Gethomesafe (Android and Apple) – This app allows you to input your destination, method of getting there, estimated time of arrival and what contacts you’d like your emergency message to be sent to. If you don’t arrive at your destination in the intended time an emergency message is sent out from your phone. The emergency messages can be sent to mobile phones or email addresses. The good thing about this app is that not only will it send out an emergency message to your chosen contacts but it will also send them a report of your phones battery levels and GPS location. (In-app fees for text messages)

Mobile Tracker (U safe tracker) (Android) – Simply press the “start monitoring” button and your movements will be tracked. You can send your location to your selected contacts at a specific time or at regular intervals. If your contacts haven’t heard from you they can send a message to your phone with a code in it that sends back a message with your location. This is very handy for parents as they won’t have to keep calling you to make sure that you’re safe and this app also uses a portal so your parents can check out your location on the computer if they don’t have a smart phone. There is also a feature which allows an emergency message to be sent out by shaking your phone or unplugging the headphones. And this app doesn’t need internet cover to work!

– Amy Steele

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