The first in our series of reviews of TV shows that are So Bad it’s Good!

*Please note that this article may contain some spoilers.


The amounts of reality TV shows that are now available clearly show that we humans love watching rubbish TV. From Geordie Shore to The Bachelor, our love affair with crappy TV seems like it is here to stay. However, its not always just reality TV that can be so bad its good. This is where Pretty Little Liars comes in.

Pretty Little Liars is a show aimed primarily at teens that centres around four friends; Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily, who live in Rosewood, being stalked and bullied by a mysterious person/team who identifies themselves as ‘A’. It’s completely addictive, visually amazing and has (what I believe) to be some pretty decent actors, and it’s utterly ridiculous.

The A-team, for no clear reason, is targeting the four girls.

This is a major point I find both absurd and totally addictive. Whilst I found it slightly believable in the first and part of the second season when it was thought that ‘A’ was just one person, it started to become a bit ludicrous when it became the ‘A’ team. I mean, one person having a grudge against the four girls was entirely possible because the girls weren’t always depicted as angels in many flashbacks, but a whole group? What on earth did they do to deserve being hunted by a team?

But, the fact that it is a team is what makes the show so addictive. Viewers are constantly trying to figure out exactly who is on the ‘A’ team, and the creators are masters of suspense and throughout the (so far) five seasons have cast doubt on almost every character in Rosewood.

There is an insane amount of murders and disappearances.

Alison’s disappearance the summer before, kicks off the series. She was the Queen Bee and her disappearance caused the girls to fall apart, before they are brought back together by her funeral. The number of murders and disappearances that happens after this, because of the ‘A’ team, is bordering on what could be considered serial killer levels. The fact that nearly all of the disappearances and murders are in some way connected to the main four girls is touched on but generally overlooked. Once again though, this point is also what makes it so good because viewers can never tell who could potentially go missing.

All of the characters are out for themselves.

The creators show this by constantly making each character a confusing mix of trustworthy and deceitful. While this does keep the viewers in the edge of their seats, this can also make it confusing as we can never really guess who is being truthful and who is out for their own ends, and this leads to many plot twists, for example (without giving too much away) Ezra Fitz and his constantly changing role throughout the series.

Pretty Little Liars does have some good points, namely the strength of the friendships and also the supportiveness of the four main characters and their families. This works with the so bad they’re good points to make Pretty Little Liars an addictive show that I plan on watching to the end.

– Beatrix Payge

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