February 24, 2014

Peta Petidis

A guide to new year resolution domination

While Matt Corby’s hit tune ‘Resolution’ soared to success in Triple J’s Hottest 100 annual countdown, your resolution on the other hand might have already succumbed to failure in the first month of the new year.

Though 2014 has been marked promising, it is only you who can truly grant it with such a title. But by setting a new-found goal for glory through 12 months of solid dedication, it can be just that! I speak for all resolution junkies when I say that it is hard work. Whether it be taking part in every state-wide marathon, watching less TV, submitting your homework on time, or to finally put down that deep-fried partnership of carb-filled fun and oily goodness that you hold on to ever so tightly…committing to a resolution is tough nuts!

We may not all prefer the super high on life personal trainer commanding us to “push harder” after every heart-stopping chug of Red Bull, but we do find comfort in quiet personal victories. And how must we obtain such triumphs? Through a mind map of further goal setting and inexplicable heights to success, you say? Not quite, youthster, we can bop to the top with a few simple mind strategies and a little of that hardship drama, but no strenuous goal setting diary is necessary! I’ve got a few tips up my sleeve on how to a.) Make this resolution stick for the long term, and b.) Slam that *bleeper* to the ground with conquest!

1. Res-o-lu-tion:

It’s a four part word and each syllable resembles your course of action and the small steps to reaching that final destination. This all comes down to dividing your goal. You can’t just expect to rocket to fame, fortune, a size 8, academic excellence or nutritional sustenance without a little iddy bit of structure. Create deadlines for minor goals all correlating with your major aspiration along the way. Pop it on your To-Do list and it shall be done!

So now you’re off and rolling through a journey of goal setting and ticking those boxes, but how do we continue to strive through life’s unanticipated impediments?

I have a resolution ya’ll and that’s to discontinue eating the delicacies of fast food. But in the last few weeks I have come oh so close to yielding defeat to the mighty McOz. It’s shiny and glorious with juices and sure, all elements of this creation equate to a sublime explosion of the tastebuds. It’s a heart-warming beauty of an aussie emblem which I must deface with the visual of cellulite. Yes, that’s right, gross, bumpy and lumpy cellulite. The reason for such imagery is so that the mind can thoroughly acknowledge the extent of breaking your resolution. Let me further deconstruct step number two for you

2. Envision the Repercussions:

Before you attempt to reach a new you, it’s important to correlate the total opposite of your perfect image. Not to implicate that the scrap of a mere resolution will turn your life upside down, but it does allow you to further determine your aim through shock and horror (not that cellulite is shocking or horrible but it’s something I’d enjoy less of). For example, let’s say you’re a tech nerd and wish to break the habit of attaching yourself to electronics – what do you see, as a consequence of breaking your resolution? SQUARE EYES which will only be able to view a multiplex of 1’s and 0’s! So you see it’s important to set your sights on a progressive resolution (pun intended).

And so you’re now aware of what can become of you if everything goes tragically wrong and veers off course, so what’s next?

Of course the road to achievement is not always straight. The trick to accomplishment is to realise your change of lifestyle along the way. It’s okay to have a minor stumble from your resolution while you’re getting used to new habits but just make sure you’re cautious of your subconscious recognising the faults rather than becoming accustomed to them.

3. React, don’t make habit:

It’s imperative that your body and mind are able to analyse your mistakes and turn them around. As you continue to strive further for the ultimate achievement, it’s important to problem solve and know why you fell back and how to become more empowered. When you make a little mistake I urge you to write it down and follow it with a description of your repercussion visual, I know it’s a hassle, but having it on paper and stuck up where you can see it will allow you to tackle your own actions in the near future.

You’re approaching the finish line; it’s totally in reach, so honour yourself with enough stamina to push further.

4. Final Booster:

A celebration is in order and so you should treat yourself to mini victories along the way in order to gather your confidence for the final sprint. If you choose the Ben Walsh history text book over an X-men comic, you’ve gained a point to academic success and so you should be rewarded! It’s all about the hard work, but without a treat…it’s just hard work. So enjoy your little victories on your way to the top!

And now you’ve read all the need to know approaches to maintaining a resolution. Don’t let the Resolution Revolution SNL skit ft. Drake, touch home with you, because without something to reach for, where are you going?

 – Peta Petidis

– NY resolution image by Joshua Sim

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