April 20, 2013

Sammi Taylor

Music has been a platform to bring about change since its origins, so what better way to address the issue of marriage inequality? Cam Nacson is a Sydney born singer-songwriter, charming his way through the industry with a charismatic personality and a voice to melt hearts. Integrating his passions for music and social justice, he has taken it upon himself to bring about the change that Australia needs— the right for same-sex couples to be legally married.

“It’s simply a ‘now issue’, we as a generation want this change. Each generation has their fight, and this is ours.” the 22 year old muso says. Cam’s part in the story for marriage equality starts with a song called Same Love, released by rapper Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis in early 2012. The song quickly received nationwide radio airplay, peaking at number one on the ARIA charts and being certified double platinum in just a few weeks. Passionate and driven, Cam decided to cover the hit tune and create a version that would resonate with Australian listeners.

“I knew of ‘Same Love’ about a year back when an American friend showed me it and I loved it from the start. But I guess I decided it was really time to do something with it when it started hitting commercial radio. I saw the incredible response Australia and New Zealand had with the song (the only countries where the tune hit #1) and decided that we needed a version we could really relate to, to help continue the amazing message Macklemore and Ryan Lewis started.”

What followed was a huge collaborative effort. Cam enlisted the help of Melbourne based rapper L-FRESH the Lion to put an Aussie spin on Macklemore’s lyrics, then got a band together (Ashleigh O’Brien, Mary Bokey, Mitch Bruzzese, Mitch Smith and Matt Binskin) to record the tune. The clip was filmed with the help of dancers Allyra Martinez and Mark Kruize and cinematographer Robbie Walcott. And after 17 hours of editing and grading with producer/photographer Jack Toohey, the Same Love Australia music video was ready to be released. What no one could expect was the level of media attention the cover received. The clip clocked up over 7000 views in just 48 hours and over 14.5 thousand in its first week on YouTube. “We really didn’t expect this level of media attention. It’s incredibly overwhelming and kinda just goes to show that we really are the majority in our country. It’s just such a passionate issue and I think that it takes one like this to really break down walls” Cam says.

Marriage equality is quickly becoming a commonly discussed subject in our nation. Whether the issues rise in popularity is due to the more accepting attitude the current generation has towards being gay, or even Ellen’s recent visit to Australia, what is undeniably prominent is the push for change. Australia must join our neighbours in New Zealand (the most recent country to pass the bill for same-sex marriage) and our developing world to grant the right of marriage to same sex couples. So, if there is such a big pro-equality campaign, what on earth is taking so long?

“People are afraid of the stigma, personally I have no idea why. I’m a straight guy fighting for gay rights…so what? I have no idea what they’re afraid of. Usually themselves I suppose. They’re just ignorant, uneducated people. We’ve been through all of it generation by generation with race rights and women’s rights. History shows that the haters will fade into nothing but ashamed ridicule.”

Cam believes that the youth are the voice in this fight, and that more than anything, social media is the strongest tool we have to cultivate. “It [social media] just feels so much more organic than advertising, it’s the voice of the youth really”. Though Facebook and Twitter are great social platforms to voice our opinions, creating change in our nation is going to take more than just a status update. “It’s so much about the simplicity of just standing up, being confident and letting people know you’re pro-equality” Cam says.

“It starts with educating our generation so we can educate the next, it’s as simple as sitting down with your kids and saying ‘Hey, some boys fall in love with girls, some boys fall in love with boys and both are absolutely fine. Whoever you fall in love with, we will always love and support you.’

If 40% of parents do that, the next generation there’ll be 45%, then 50% until there is simply no more prejudice”.

Aside from actively support Same-Sex marriage throughout 2013, what’s next for Cam?

“I’m really excited about the rest of the year; my single “No Other Plan” will be hitting radio around Australia, I’ll be recording an EP with Michael McGlynn and then heading to America and shacking up in Brooklyn for a month to write and record a collaborative EP with singer/songwriter Zach Berkman. As well as shooting a music video with “No Other Plan” director Jake Weisz. It’ll be crazy”.

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– Sammi Taylor

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  1. Kate Says:

    I love your writing style Sam – can’t wait to read more of your fantastic pieces


  2. Amy Says:

    Just looked up the song….. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a meaningful and beautiful video. Thanks Sam for bringing this to my attention 🙂


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