April 7, 2015

Guest contributions

Getting air at GreensboroughSkateboarding it today’s society is unfair. I’m a 16 year old skateboarder and I experience abuse nearly every day when I skate. The skateboarder’s fake image these days is a drug taking – parent hating – street urchin. I have a group of friends that I go and skate with as much as I can and we take it very seriously. We practice ¬†every weekend for upcoming competitions and our favourite place to go is in Watsonia and I take the train there. In the short time it takes for my train to arrive in Watsonia I get at least ten harsh and dirty looks, sometimes we even have abuse hurled at us. I kind of feel harassed in a way; it doesn’t stop me from skating, I just personally wish people would give up believing in the stereotype and accept that skateboarding is a sport.

Skateboarding isn’t the largest community and doesn’t have very much support. Competitions aren’t held very often and there aren’t many local skate parks. With all that said, I hope it can grow in the future.

– Will Johnston

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