May 14, 2015

Joely Mitchell

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Meet Dan Bilzerian: the 34-year-old poker-playing, gun bearing social media sensation.

With 7.7 million Facebook followers and 8.4 million on Instagram, he’s kind of a big deal.

He’s also my least favourite person on the internet.

Bilzerian became famous through his professional poker career, starring in numerous episodes of the World Series of Poker.

His fortune has granted him an incredibly lavish lifestyle, one that he happily shows off across social media. His favourite things to post about are guns, money and women*.

I put an * next to ‘women’ because I don’t want you getting the wrong impression that Bilzerian fancies any sort of woman. There are prerequisites: big breasts, a desire to wear as little as possible and unfortunately, a willingness to be publicly objectified to his millions of followers.

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I respect these women’s right and decision to engage themselves with Bilzerian but I do not stand for the message he is portraying to his audience.

Have a look through this list of photos Instagram has deemed inappropriate and consequently removed.

According to the app’s Terms of Use: “You may not post violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or content via the Service.”
What!? Has Instagram had a look through Bilzerian’s page? I can assure you that it breaches numerous of the above restrictions. Bilzerian’s intentions ARE clearly to show off nudity or partial nudity as well as being sexually suggestive.

Just because his content gets hundreds of thousand of likes does not mean that it can be exempt from these regulations.

Women are not objects. They are not on this earth to satisfy every one of your sexual needs. There is more to a woman than her body and what she’s prepared to let you do to it.

The life he is leading is a sensationalised version of reality funded by an amount of money no average person could ever dream of. Whilst this glorified lifestyle may be interesting to outsiders, this man does not deserve any admiration.

Oh and if his barbaric social media posts don’t already make your stomach turn, watch this video where he appears to kick a woman in the face at a nightclub. And another of him throwing a naked woman off a roof into a swimming pool.

The majority of people clearly do not support my view. There are over eight million people who show Bilzerian support on a daily basis by following him on social media.

And to the thousands of people who like his photos – you are singlehandedly sharing his content and most importantly, sharing the message that it’s okay to objectify women.

When I see Bilzerian in my Facebook news feed, I choose to report his content and I recommend you do too.

– Joely Mitchell

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