October 12, 2014

Joely Mitchell

Just a few weeks into the new season of Big Brother and the show is already copping the same criticism it receives every year.

Critics claim that there is little variety in the selection of housemates, resulting in an inaccurate portrayal of Australian society.

Hundreds of thousands of people auditioned to become one of eleven seasons of the show, but only 195 have successfully become housemates.

The ten winners so far have collectively taken home over $4 million.

Big Brother Executive Producer Alex Mavroidakis says that they’re looking for warm, intelligent, funny people.

“Just because you’re the loudest person in the room doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the one we’re looking for,” he said.

“You don’t have to be a good singer, dancer, cook or a supermodel, we’re looking for real people who want to talk about real issues.”

Mavroidakis says three of their strongest contestants to date are Regina Bird (Season 3), Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald (Season 4) and Tim Dormer (Season 10).


“Tim changed the way the Big Brother game is played because he went in there and he absolutely drove our content all day long,” he said.

“Fitzy was just so funny and it’s really hard to find someone who is just funny by their very nature.”

“Regina was so naïve, was so real, was so genuine and her life changed for the three months that she was in the house.”

Mavroidakis says that potential housemates are tested physically and psychologically at auditions.

“We want to know about their life, what they’ve been through and how they feel about particular issues in the world,” he said.

Despite this, there do seem to be some physical trends in the 195 housemates so far.

It makes you wonder how much of a contestant’s fate is decided on first impressions.

– Joely Mitchell

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