We’ve all done it… sent an unflattering SnapChat and had it screenshot by one of your so-called friends. And yes, we’ve all been that so-called friend who screenshots the moment in your SnapChat friend’s life where they are at their ugliest.

But how can you prevent one of these screenshots getting into the wrong hands?

It takes unprecedented skill to screenshot a SnapChat that is intended to be visible for no longer than three seconds before it disappeared into cyber space, but it is possible.

You can thank Even Spiegel and Jonathan May for founding the app which has given us so much ammunition against our friends (and given our friends so much ammunition against us).

As powerful as a toilet selfie or selfie with you and way too many chins may be, it does pay to be extra careful with what you’re sending and who you’re sending SnapChats to, because despite what you may think, there is NO way to erase anything from the Internet.

Everybody loves a selfie, but have a read through these tips to ensure that your selfie-taking doesn’t turn (figuratively) ugly…


Don’t fall into a false sense of security

Sending a naked photo or a photo that bullies someone via SnapChat is no safer than sending it via text. We are all well aware that photos can be screenshot, so don’t take the risk.

Imagine you’re posting the photo to another social media site

Would you post the photo you’re about to send on Facebook or Instagram? If not, have the same regard for SnapChat and do not send it.

You have the power to block

If you don’t want to be someone’s SnapChat friend (or are just totally sick of opening their 20 pics a day), go to their name in your friend list and block them.

Don’t accept strangers

It goes without saying, but don’t add/accept people that you don’t know. If you don’t recognise the username of someone who’s added you, play it safe and ignore it.

Make usernames recognisable

To ensure you’re sending the right SnapChats to the right people, edit everyone’s display name (do this by going to your friend list) to a name that you recognise.

Change your settings

Go to the settings page and make sure that only ‘My Friends’ can see yours and send you SnapChats rather than ‘Everyone’.

You may not be notified of screenshots

New apps like ‘Snap Save’ are being created that automatically save all SnapChats that you receive without notifying the sender.

Overall, SnapChat is a very safe app as long as it is used wisely. Just be conscious of the content of the photos you are sending and who you are sending them to.

– Joely Mitchell

– Photo Amy Steele


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