November 26, 2012

Rachel Nixon

Four piece, all girl American rock band Cherri Bomb released their debut album This is The End of Control in early May 2012. The title, derived from the album’s song ‘Shake the ground’ which was recently featured in The Avenger’s soundtrack, showcases lead guitarist Julia Pierce singing over a chunky guitar riff “your cover’s blown/ there’s no more breaking me/ this is the end of control!” The album stages a collection of catchy rock beats and light chord progressions that intertwine with heavier solos, adding extra flavour to the girl’s selection of easy listening rock tunes.

Cherri Bomb consists of 15 years old lead guitarist Julia Pierce, 16 year old rhythm guitarist Miranda Miller and Lovelis sister’s 15 year old drummer Nia and 14 year old bassist Rena. Seem a bit young to be in a band that has a signed record deal? Well go and ask lead singer and guitarist of alternative rock band Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters, who asked the girls to open for them late last October. Having achieved such a status among bands such as The Foo Fighters it is hard to imagine the girls only started performing back in 2008, after 11 year old Pierce set about posting flyers and adds around her home of California in search of other aspiring musicians. Once Miller and the Lovelis sisters were hired the band set about performing a collection of covers from groups such as Sether and The Smashing Pumpkins, perfecting their craft and slowly building up their confidence as a band.  After a bout of local gigs and performances they found themselves taking to bigger crowds in festivals, and by June of 2011 had signed with Hollywood Records, releasing their first EP ‘Stark’ four months later.

All members have a strong presence within the album, made evident from their opening track Take This Now in which all the girl’s voices overlay beneath an ominous sounding piano and soft drum beat. It’s a short introduction that is immediately followed by the band’s first single, Better this Way that see’s Pierce drawing from the same powerful personality she uses to lead the band. Delivering a strong opening that remains constant throughout the song, Pierce harmonises with Miller beneath her heavy guitar fretting, bringing to light the infectious riffs and memorable lyrics that run strong throughout the record.

Singing is a forte the four girls share and they sure don’t hide it, with each given a chance to lead at least one song in their debut, Cherri Bomb further highlight the musical talent that runs through its young devoted performers. Discussing an array of topics from broken hearts to lives as girls not willing to be controlled as a band, they give prominence to the power and passion that first brought them into the eyes of respected musicians such as Grohl. Paper Doll is a clear example of this, seeing Miller singing “I’m not the kind you control” before surmising with “I’m not here to break your fall/I won’t be your paper doll” beneath a collection of catchy guitar licks in a voice that demands respect.

This is The End of Control sees Cherri Bomb off to a promising start in the music world. A debut album is key for a band starting out and trying to make an impression on listeners of their genre, a task Cherri Bomb has clearly succeeded in. Infusing a selection riffs from the alternative rock scene with notably catchy lyrics and steady rock beats, they’ve made themselves heard, and were even a part of the Soundwave set list in 2012 that toured Australia early this year. With a steady debut album now under their belt the girls have little time to spare as Cherri Bomb continues its tour, proving to the world that despite their youth, these talented dedicated musicians don’t show any signs of backing down.

Rachel Nixon

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