November 7, 2012

Sammi Taylor

Auto-tune and electronic remixes dominate popular music charts, making original music often hard to come by.  Unfortunately if the lyrics aren’t about his “shawty in the club” and include incessant chatter about drinks in hand and how they want to dance all night, it’s rarely going to be a commercial hit. Which is a shame considering the abundance of talent that can be found if you dig a little deeper. Local and unsigned bands are the saving grace of the music industry, retaining a sense of dignity in their lyrics and instrumentals. While they may not be chart topping sensations with sold-out arena shows and platinum records, these musicians have a lot of heart and a lot of talent, sometimes with a dedicated legion of a few hundred fans turning up to their every show.

If you’re sick of the whine of over-played pop music, here are five unsigned bands that might just restore your faith that real, un-polished and genuine music still exists:

1 Masketta Fall are a five-piece from Werribee, capturing the attention of thousands with their catchy, solid gold pop rock. Their success is evident purely in the numbers of their fan base, which was established on a much more personal level than most. Taking the time and effort to send out hundreds of messages (using social networking to their advantage) and free demo CDs to potential listeners, Masketta Fall have built up a dedicated following of fans who will undoubtedly attend almost every single show and shamelessly promote them at every chance available. Fresh off the release of their first ever EP Something Beautiful, Masketta Fall are here to stay and taint your ears with their catchy melodies and killer guitar riffs. Check out their first single and clip for So Contagious: 


2 Acoustic duo A Sleepless Melody give you that warm, ecstatic feeling inside whenever they play one of their colourful tunes. Creating beautiful pop-rock with heartfelt lyrics about life, death, love and loss, A Sleepless Melody complement this with raw guitar and raw emotion. Positivity comes naturally to the two Rowville musicians, whose smiles and stage energy have lit up countless venues around Australia. After the overwhelming success of their previous record; 2011’s five track The Last Teenagers, Andrew (guitar) and Matt (vocals) began recording new material in the USA earlier this year. Fans of A Sleepless Melody are eagerly anticipating their 3rd EP, which is due out sometime in early 2013. You can pick up The Last Teenagers on iTunes .

3 You might think that dropping out of literature and law degrees, and quitting a stable job to follow passions of music is a bad move, but for three sun-kissed Sydney boys it was the opportunity of a lifetime. Set Sail are fresh off the busking lanes of Pitt Street Mall, and have recently travelled to 48 countries with their ukuleles, guitars and violins in hand. Playing their ocean inspired tunes on sidewalks in Paris and serenading passerbys on the beaches of Canada, Set Sail have made an impression all over the world. Their latest EP Hey! will be the soundtrack of a summer and compliments the sound of the waves nicely, perfect for beach listening on a lazy afternoon. Set Sail are on iTunes and you can see their plasticine stop motion clip for The Boat Song here:

4 Melbourne’s own For Our Hero have experienced the roller-coaster of fame first hand, maintaining stability throughout all their ups and downs to come out peaking in 2012. After the release of their debut album Strange Days without any help from a label, For Our Hero set out on a national tour of their own and completed stints supporting Yellowcard, Marianas Trench, Amy Meredith and many more. Songwriter Beau Taplin puts an almost poetic spin on his pop-rock lyrics, which transposes into the energy and theatrics For Our Hero display on stage. Each track is intricately crafted and produced (by the likes of Michael Paynter and Paul Leavitt [All Time Low, VersaEmerge, Circa Survive]) to create the masterpiece that is Strange Days. You can listen to For Our Hero on iTunes  and SoundCloud.

5 For fans of Angels and Airwaves, The Atlantis hail from central coast New South Wales. Their tracks include simple guitar and piano riffs, influenced heavily by strings and edgy bass lines which complement the vocals provided by lead singer Glen Gustard. The Atlantis use harmonies, repetition and overlaying to their advantage in peculiar songs about spaceships, the ocean and of course; falling in love. Very close to finishing their very first album, you will be hearing more of the eccentric sounds of The Atlantis. You can download five songs for free at their Facebook page and keep up to date with their shenanigans by subscribing on Youtube

Samantha Taylor

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