March 4, 2013

Peta Petidis

How our generation has made a turn for the worst with the assistance of Social Media.

For years now the newest generation in our streams, the Millennial or often better known as Gen Y -made up of those aged 26 and under- has made news both negatively and positively impacted by Social Media. It is a common fact that teenagers and young adults of today are corrupt with addiction to the glorious internet but have we ever wondered what lay beneath the sources of the popular and exploitable sites of Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube and Facebook? If we dig a little deeper we may just find the true cause of desperation when it comes to such websites. For those of you guessing Farmville as the core of our obsession, I’m afraid you’re incorrect. When it comes to the root of the adolescent fixation we have for Social Networking, it is none other than the human body’s thirst for attention.

Admit it, how many times have you quietly grinned to yourself when receiving a certain amount of ‘likes’ on you profile picture? Or perhaps when the guy you fancy comments, “Lookin’ fiiine,” on a photo of yours, do you get a flutter of joy and fulfilment? Or what about when you reach a cacophony of attention after posting a video of yourself indulging in the delicacy of uteral waste?  No? Well to what extent would you go for worldwide attention?

For the most of us there is a strongly defined limit to the amount of embarrassing and unruly acts we perform for admiration and popularity. The best of us will refrain from the crazed drug ‘attention’ after eating a worm or two in Primary School. There are even some of us who go to daredevil extremes for attention in dangerous and yet honourable tasks, such as terrifying stunts or pretending to be the entire cast of ‘Jackass’. But to what is the magnitude of which some people will go for the grasp of attention? With the help of Facebook, the answer is far, very far indeed.

For a long period of time, videos were shared all over the cyber world through Facebook and Youtube for recognition and fame; however these videos mainly consisted of individuals seeking out to be the next worldwide music sensations, quadrupling the likes of Justin Bieber.  Unfortunately the Millennial’s craving for attention has led to gruesome, repulsive and unamiable extents, the world as we know it, is crumbling. Our minds have been corrupted; we now see names such as Giovanna Plowman in lights, not for talent, but for idiocy. If you’re not familiar with this Facebook born celebrity, let me fill you in. Giovanna Plowman came to the thought that sending out a viral video of herself sucking out the decayed blood of her own tampon was an easy way into fame. Luckily for her it was, unluckily for us, she thinks she’s a celebrity. Even vile images of bestiality flood our Facebook homepages until no cyber space is left untouched, there are poor animals out there that have no say in the matter of being abused in utter senselessness.

We have now become a part of a lazy and desperate world. Ambitions or lifelong goals have been overshadowed by the star studded heat of the moment. Regret will slowly stumble over our domain, but in the world of cyberspace, we tend to forget that nothing can be undone. Our futures now seem to evolve out of momentary bliss. Mottos such as ‘YOLO,’ (you only live once) have darkened our strive for excellence, will we have successful futures to uphold or will we be overshadowed by our past of misdoings? At this rate, our children will look up to our viral misdoings and imitate our mistakes tenfold. Each generation to come will follow in our path of misdirection. It is sad to believe we are among such a selfish and diminished cohort, but it isn’t all doom and gloom. We are in the present after all and it is now up to you and me as individual beings, to uphold our own reputations; no one can tell us otherwise. It is in your power to what degree you will go for attention or how you will live your life. Make something of yourself for your skills and beliefs, not for your body or lack of intelligence. The Millennials must make a turn for themselves and it is time to start now.

Peta Petidis

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